In Memory of Charlotte

In Celebration of Charlotte

Charlotte can be described as charming, spunky, independent, a bit feisty, sweet , a flirt, and she really didn’t have many manners. She had a strong will to live and beat the odds a couple of times during her long life. Charlotte was a 3-legged dilute calico.

Charlotte lost one of her hind legs as a kitten. She had been hit by a car and a good Samaritan took her to a vet to help her. The vet set her leg, but it did not take and the leg had to be removed. She then found a home at the Cat Clinic of Roswell where she lived as one of the clinic cats for about 13 years. She was well loved.

She was the difficult one at the vet, they called her Snarls. She even kicked the vet once or twice with her lone hind leg during the euthanasia process…wouldn’t expect any less from her.

Charlotte came into our household at the age of 13 ½ years. Our cat Boosie needed a housemate after Tabby had passed away. I was honored that they let me adopt her.

Introducing a new kitty to other cats in a household takes about a week or more, but not with Charlotte. Charlotte adjusted to Boosie and her new home in about 24hr.

Charlotte and Boosie became “partners in crime” so to speak. They would corner me against the kitchen counter when they wanted treats. Boosie and Charlotte would sometimes play with each other. She would play with toys. Charlotte enjoyed excursions outside on the deck, in the yard, and on the driveway especially if Boosie was out with her. Charlotte and Boosie never snuggled , but they had a very good relationship, she would flirt with him when he was eating to get him to move or sometimes eat side by side. Charlotte would let Boosie have one on one quality time with me and would sometimes share the couch. She drew the line when it came to the bed, that was her territory. She would chase him off the bed if he dared to get up there.

Charlotte loved to get in boxes, the laundry basket and closets. She would race me down the hallway for food and treats. She would hop down the stairs to the basement and climbed up the stairs by herself. We would give her a lift, if she would let us, but she would insist on going up the last couple of steps by herself. She could climb up on the couch all by herself. She became a lap cat. She had a favorite chair, ok chairs. She liked to sleep on a pillow in the corner of the bedroom, had a pillow by Jerry in the dining room, and a hut in the basement. I setup a way for her to get up on the bed on her own.
Charlotte missed Boosie when he passed away in May. She called for him, lost interest in playing or even going outside. Sometimes we had to coax her to eat, other times she ate a lot. Her kidney disease progressed quickly. She rallied as she always had for a day or two, but it became apparent that she would not be able to beat it this time.

Charlotte passed away on August 16,2010 at the age of 17 ½ years. She had a wonderful life, she touched so many people with her spirit and zest for life.

Beth and Jerry Bell