In Memory of Charlie

In Memory of Charlie
I’ll never forget the day we found you at the Humane Society, a tiny, adorable 7 week old puppy. The week after we brought you home you were quite a sick little boy so we took you to the emergency clinic where they told us that they thought you had Parvo and they suggested putting you to sleep. There was a chance they said, however, that it could be something else that was making you sick and we had the option to put you on antibiotics and medicine for parasites and see what happened. Elise and Amelia begged me to try to save you, which we did. That was the beginning of a wonderful life with you. You were certainly a handful as a young pup, getting into things, tearing up clothes that were left on the floor, and you had a lot of energy.
You finally calmed down at around 4 years old and we became a cohesive loving family unit, you being the man of the house, of course. You protected your girls, and loved everyone. Even people who were not dog lovers enjoyed your company. You were smart, talented and just a joy to have around.
When Bill came into our lives, you were even more protective and I will never forget you barking at me and Bill when we sat on the couch next to each other. You grew to love him though and he loved you. You even were dog enough to share your home with Bubba.
You may be able to go down in the Guinness Book of Records for having more arthritis treatments than any dog in history. You humored me as I took you for acupuncture, massage, chiropractic and shock wave therapy treatments. I continued with them until they were no longer effective. I’m glad I was able to make you comfortable as long as I did.
We will always remember:

Your warm brown eyes

Kissing your soft muzzle

You sleeping (snoring) on your back with one front leg straight up and your back legs spread wide open.

You taking up so much room in the bed that I had to sleep with my legs straddling your body.

You knowing how to spell ‘Walk’ so we had to say ‘S’ for stroll when we were getting ready to take you.

Gently opening the drawer with your leash so you wouldn’t hear me getting it out.

How you loved going for walks and how you continued to like to go even when it was difficult for you.

How you were smart enough to train us to put peanut butter on your chewy and most of the time would just lick it off and bark for more.

How you were tuned in to someone opening the pantry door because that meant that you might get a treat.

How you guarded your stocking at Christmas time and wouldn’t let anyone go anywhere close to it.

How you would lie down in the house right in the middle of heavy traffic areas so you could keep track of where everyone was. We had to either step over you or walk around you.

How you loved your family.

We had almost 14 years with you. We’ll miss you sweet Charlie. You’ll always be in our hearts.
Love, Mom