In Memory of Charlie

November 5, 1991 — August 27, 2007

Charlie was a very unique cat. He was born in the wild in New Mexico. Our daughter Christina found him as a tiny kitten and brought him home. He was always very strong willed and independent; he loved the out doors.

Charlie always kept the dogs run out of our yard where ever we lived. Charlie moved to Alaska with us and was not as much an outdoor cat there! Only in the summertime! Then we moved to Georgia where he could once again be outdoors.

Christina grew up with Charlie by her side; she took very good care of him and loved him dearly. We all grew very attached to Charlie and we all miss him very much. He was so much a part of our everyday life. He was always there to greet us when we had been gone for the day.

Charlie would follow me around as I did the yard and garden work. He was always there waiting for me when I came in from my evening walk. Even at the age of 15 Charlie was still a very frisky cat; he always loved to play.

We love and miss you dearly, Charlie.