In Memory of Chanel Dior Wilson

Chanel Dior Wilson was born on September 28, 1998. We knew she was “special” because when we visited her at the breeder’s home, she was busy hanging with the older dogs. She was running wild, tearing up newspaper and running in and out of the doggie door. She was the last of the litter, but the luckiest of the bunch. That day, she was invited into our family and we loved her immediately.
Chanel was a beloved daughter, granddaughter and niece. She was a bright light in our family and we will never forget her. She was high-spirited, playful and loving. She was particular about who she liked, but she loved all children. She was playful, sweet and kind to the little ones. She loved them and they loved her.
Chanel would do anything for a treat. Her favorite treats were Beggin’ Strips and Snausages. She gobbled them down as if they were a hot, juicy T-Bone steak. We believe Chanel is in a better place and we hope that she can enjoy endless amounts of her favorite treats.
God carried Chanel to heaven on January 27, 2011. We miss her dearly and she will never be forgotten. She was our Angel on earth and now we know she is our Angel in heaven. God bless you Chanel.

The Wilson Family