In Memory of Champ

Champ Morrison
April 13, 2001 – January 12, 2008

Our son Derek was 10 years old when he got Champ, a chocolate lab, as a puppy in June 2001. Champ was soft and cuddly with beautiful green eyes that eventually turned brown. Champ formed an immediate bond with Derek, and was always there for him. He had a very strong tail that was constantly in motion. He never barked, and was cheerful and friendly to everyone. He liked to gently chew on our tiny Chihuahua when they played together. Champ lived a great life, and we have six years of happy memories of him.

Champ got out of our yard when someone left our gate unlatched and the wind blew it open. He must have toured our neighborhood, and then headed out toward the main road. He was killed instantly by a hit and run driver in front of Kennesaw Mountain High School. Derek was the one Champ was such a huge part of our life. We are surrounded by his essence, and we love him and miss him so much. Thanks to the caring and compassionate folks at Cobb Emergency Vet Clinic and Dream Land Pet Memorial Center.