In Memory of Cassie Mull

November 15, 2004 — January 24, 2009

To our beloved Cassie,

We knew you were the one for us the first time we saw you. You were only 4 weeks old, but you immediately snuggled up to us and stole our hearts. The breeder named you “Mama Cass” because you were bigger than your 7 brothers and sisters, but, to us, you were always “Cassie.”

You were such a sweet, good-natured, and loving girl. Each of us had a designated role in your eyes. You followed Mommy around during the day, and liked to crawl onto her lap for your naps (she enjoyed this as much as you did!). You liked to greet Daddy early in the morning and when he got home from work because you knew he would thoroughly scratch your ears (which you loved!). You knew when your brother John got home he would get on the floor and let you kiss him to your heart’s content. Whenever you knew your sister Amanda came home from college, you would tilt your head to the side at the mention of her name and anxiously await her arrival. You were always so happy to see us and you lifted our spirits with your full-body tail wagging.

Being a Bulldog, you could snore louder than any of us. How we miss that sweet sound now. True to your breed, you were quite stubborn at times, but that was just part of your charm. You loved sleeping, especially on your back, chewing on your toys, eating (except for that diet kibble), and being with your family.

We never thought our time with you would be so short, but, when you suddenly got sick, we didn’t want to see you suffer. Your vets did all they could, but time ran out. Thankfully, you passed on peacefully in your sleep.

We will always love you and remember the wonderful, albeit short, 4 years we had with you. We miss you more than you’ll ever know. May you be at peace.

Mommy, Daddy, John & Amanda