In Memory of Cashmere Zachery


Cashmere was given to our family by one of my youngest son’s friends. He moved into an apartment and wasn’t allowed pets. Cashmere bonded with my family immediately with his big nose and paws always sniffing and investigating everything by touching it with his paws. He was a pretty clumsy fellow who had a hard time mastering the stairs. When he first encountered the steps on the deck, we would have to carry him down, because he was too afraid to go alone. Once Max (our mix terrier) became accustom to his new brother, they were inseparable. Max was the more serious one. Cashman was full of energy and always in trouble. He would love to eat my freshly planted plants and digging holes in the backyard. When Max died of cancer it took Cashman some time to get back to his very active self. We comforted each other thru that sad time. Two years ago Cash started having seizures and after a stay in the hospital, he was put on medication and allowed to go home. The seizures took a toll on his body and energy, but he always seemed to bounce back with the most beautiful smile one could give. He tolerated all the fussing the grandkids did over him and when he had enough he would let out a little growl and retreat to his bed. He was having more and more trouble getting up and down the stairs, so he and I moved to the bedroom in the basement where we didn’t have to worry about stairs. I could see his body getting tired and his energy level at a minimum. We were up all night that Thursday night just looking at each other and remembering the good times. Friday morning he looked so tired and seem to tell me with his eyes it’s time. We took that ride to the vet, my friend and I and as we laid side by side we said goodbye. Oh how I miss my Friend. See you at the rainbow Bridge.