In Memory of Casey

This is our beloved Casey. She was born in March, 1992. We do not know the exact date because she was rescued from I-95 in Ft. Lauderdale. Someone had tossed her from a car in a garbage bag. She remained fearful of garbage bags her whole life as a result.

She was a great companion. She was obedient and faithful. She greeted us each day when we arrived home with her tail wagging. In her later years, she had difficulty walking but it did not stop her from being playful. We recently moved with to Georgia with her and she loved running up the hill and lying in front of the fireplace. Her favorite thing was her bed. Her grandmother bought it for her and from the time she placed it on the floor, Casey laid in it and loved it.

She was a member of our family and we will truly miss her.
Frank, Maureen, Mike and Chris Bogdan