In Memory of Cali and Cleo

Cali | February 1991 — December 23, 2007

Cleo | July 1991 — December 25, 2007

I must admit, I was not a cat — person. Cali and Cleo were presents for
their daddy. The night we brought Cali home her daddy slept on the
floor with her until she was comfortable with us, because I’m ashamed
to say I didn’t want her in the bed. It didn’t take me long to fall in
love with her though. I was the only one who could hold her when she
didn’t want to be he’d and not get scratched, even when I insisted on
rubbing between her toes until she spread them out, and rubbed that big
ol tummy. And she still loved me when I had no choice but to pull her
(gently) by the tail when she escaped outside and ran under the car,
right to the middle, where she thought I couldn’t get her.

Cali, you were like our watchdog. Sniffing everyone out, making sure
they were safe. You brought such joy to all of our lives, and we will
miss you so much.

When we brought Cleo home we had to protect her from Cali, who just
wanted to pounce on her. But she quickly realized Cleo wasn’t going
anywhere and neither was she. So Cali became Cleo’s protector. From
then on they became inseparable. Where one was the other was shortly
thereafter. Even when they had two separate beds, they sometimes
squeezed in together. The days of sleeping in on the weekends slowly
went away, as we had live — alarm clocks, waiting to be fed. Whenever
we needed a buddy they were always there, just to hang out with while
watching a movie or always invited a good brushing or petting session.

Cleo, you will certainly be missed at the door as we come home every
day. And my lap will be a little colder this winter. You brought joy to
our lives and we will miss you so much.

Cali and Cleo, it is so hard to say goodbye. We take comfort in knowing
that you two are with God and together again. And that is just the way
it should be, taking care of each other, until we meet again. We love
you and will miss your furry little faces very much. Thanks for all the
wonderful memories and happy times.

A special Thank You to the staff at Cobb Emergency Vet Clinic on both
occasions. You were very caring and respectful of our pets.

A special Thank You to Jane and Kevin at Dream Land Pet Memorial Center for
their kindness and respect of our pets and for meeting with us during
the weekend and holiday.