In Memory of Buttons

Buttons was given to our daughter, Lynnie, 3 years ago by my sister, Jackie He was the greatest gift in the world to our family. Although he cried the entire trip to Georgia from Florida, we couldn’t help but giggle at how funny he was. He stayed in Lynnie’s room for about three months, living in her closet. He would venture out to look around her room and that was it.

After a while he came to explore the entire house and the house became his. He loved to race us to the kitchen to get food (when he hit the floor, he’d start sliding!), he loved sitting in the window looking out, he loved whacking the dogs on their heads and back with his paws when he would be on a table higher than they were, he loved sitting on the porch in our laps watching the trees and birds, he loved to SLEEP:)

If we didn’t wake up early enough for him, he would cry and scratch at our bedroom doors to wake us up. he discovered we have a cocktail in our bedroom and it was his mission to try to navigate the bed, the ironing board to get as close as he could.

Buttons was the coolest cat ever and we cherish the time we had with him, albeit short. We loved him and spoiled him and have cried buckets of tears over losing him. He loved his “mommy” Lynnie and always looked forward to her holding him and falling asleep in her arms. She always had to lock him out of her bedroom when doing homework on the floor because Buttons would deliberately mess up the papers or knock the pencils and pens all over the place while she was trying to do work.

We believe as a family that anything that loves has a soul. We believe that Buttons, along with our other family pets have gone home to Jesus. We believe we will see him again. We believe Buttons is in heaven chasing butterflies and puppies, and loving every second of it.