In Memory of Buddy

Honoring beautiful memories
Celebrating a gentle spirit
Remembering a wonderful friend

Heavenly Father,
Creator of all things.
Thank you for letting Buddy come into our lives, and teaching us of unselfish love.
Thank you for the memories that brighten our lives.
Finally in gratitude we return Buddy to your safekeeping.
Till we meet again at Rainbow Bridge.

In September 1997 my husband had gone on a golfing trip.

One evening while he was away our Basset Hound Genevieve and I had gone out for an evening walk. She was about 5 years old at the time. And was the neighborhood social butterfly.

One of my neighbors came out to greet us with her dog and a big red dog was following closely behind. My neighbor told me he had stopped at her house and she had let him in but had no idea where he came from. He had just showed up.

He followed us home.

I love to tell the story of how Buddy came to,dinner and stayed.

My husband loves to tell the story of arriving home from golf and asking me where had The dog come from and how I told him he sort of showed up — No matter he loved us enough to stay and make us his family and become Buddy to us.

While we were never sure of his age our vet thought Buddy might have been between 2 and 3 years of age. He was such a handsome little man, with reddish brown fur coat, a hound face, and long legs.

Genevieve loved him from first sight, and accepted him without hesitation.

The only issue that ever occurred was over food and it lasted only briefly when we separated them to different rooms for mealtime, but eventually they both came to eat in the kitchen.

Buddy made the guest room his domain for a while, but over time Genevieve and Buddy started sleeping downstairs on the sofa, most often nose to nose. The sofa became theirs and they would wedge themselves between any company that would sit on their sofa.

Buddy loved walks, and was a sight hound most often barking at birds, or tracking a scent. I think fall was his favorite time to walk. With all the smells fall can bring and the cool crisp evenings he would grow so excited over the prospect of a long walk. He enjoyed sitting or lying on the’deck or exploring the back yard. Even riding in the backseat of the car he loved going from side to side looking out the windows to the world he loved to explore.

In November of 2001 Genevieve was diagnosed with a rare form of Lymphoma. She started treatment; Buddy was always waiting for her return. Some nights she would want to be on the side of the sofa that Buddy was on, and he would get up and move.

We lost her March of 2002.

Buddy was heart broken. He grieved. He was always afraid of thunderstorms, and we would always know when one was on the way for he would go up the stairs to the guest bathroom and go into a deep sleep.

He was afraid of the laundry room and I will always remember The day I turned around to find him standing behind me, with this look on his face as if to say I did it. I am in here.

On the other side he was beginning to realize that Genevieve was gone, and we went thru some really funny moments of him exerting himself as the alpha dog of our family.

My husband and I had begun to consider the idea of adopting another sister for him when some good friends called us and said a relative had a female dog they were looking to find a good home for and if it did not work out they would take her.

Just five months later Rascal, a 5-year-old mixed lab arrived. For Buddy it was just what the doctor ordered. Playing tug of war with the toys till only shreds remained, walks again. Rascal would never come to sleep on the same sofa with Buddy; she took over the love seat. But more and more often they would settle on the floor not touching but close to each other.

Sundays became breakfast day with their dad and they would sit eagerly waiting for their steak and eggs.
In June 2006 my husband and I noticed that Buddy was having some health issues.

He was eventfully diagnosed with Atypical Cushings Disease. he did not tolerate the traditional treatment and became very ill. In the end our only option was to treat the symptoms. I am so thankful for our Veterinarians at Averill Animal Hospital. They worked so hard to make our Little Man comfortable. He would have many set backs, but would bounce back. Over the last months, he would no longer sit behind the sofa and look out on his domain, or wait for me in the dining room window to arrive home from work. His walks became shorter, until problems with his back prevented him from even a short walk. He could not longer go down the deck. Getting up became harder.

Rascal would ever remain at his side, even at night.

He could no longer go up the stairs when a storm would come. But he was Our Hero for all that he had to endure.

June 17th Buddy crossed over to Rainbow Bridge to meet Genevieve. We grieve for our loss Rascal is beside herself. But we know that he is able to do all that he could no longer do here and he is waiting for his family to meet him. He was our Little Man, our Handsome Hunk and our Hero for all that he endured.

We Love You Always, Mommy, Daddy and Rascal

Thank you for letting us share our story and memories of Buddy with you.