In Memory of Branson

Branson came to us as a little pup. We were looking for a small dog because at the time we lived in an apartment. We stumbled upon a breeder of Boxers by accident. We fell in love and brought him home. BB was the best dog. Every morning when we got out of the shower, Bronson was on the bed ready to play. He went everywhere. From short trips to the store to work with us.

Branson loved to play. His chicken was his favorite toy, but he needed something more. We, always, wanted a Doberman but was never allowed one. We went looking and found an ad in the paper with no picture and very little information. As things tend to happen, we came home with a small black dog, Bailey. — Bailey was Branson’s little sister He raised her well. They were miserable when separated. They never spent a night apart.

Shortly, we bought a small house with an amazing fenced in yard. Soon, we came to know our neighbors who had two children. Branson and Bailey loved to play with them. We went through many adventures with Branson. He was a best friend, a protector and a big brother. When we found out that BB had cancer, we were devastated. It just wasn’t fair. As time went on we did everything we could. Eventually, the cancer took over.

We have great memories and amazing pictures. We all know Branson is in a better place chasing God’s chickens and leaving shooter marks on his windows. We will miss his lips flapping in the wind when he stuck his he’d out of the window and the way he would look under the bed for a kitty. He was always happy to see us as we were him.

We love you and miss you very much.

All our love,
Mom, Dad and Bailey