In Memory of Boots Annas

On April 19, 1994, I was working at my job as a receptionist in a veterinary clinic in NC. I never realized that day that I would leave as a new mom. A lady came in with her cat in distress. She had delivered 2 kittens the day before, but had been unable to deliver any more. We quickly prepped Mama kitty for an emergency c-section. It was the 1st surgery I was going to get to assist with in my new job, so I was excited. As the kittens were delivered and handed to each of us, the vet explained that the odds for these little ones were not very good. As the time passed, the kittens were not breathing and hope was fading. But I felt a heartbeat. It was small, but I felt it. I could not give up and after a few more assists from the suction bulb, this tiny black ball of fur started breathing. I immediately fell in love. As the owners weren’t interested in the kittens, I took her home that night.

For the next 17 years & 10 months, we shared everything. Through all the moves, roommate cats, roommate dogs, foster cats, foster dogs, new additions to our fur family and even a bout with thyroid cancer, she rolled with it all. Always sassing me about it, of course, but still determined to sit next to me at the end of the day with a head bump. She was vocal, she was demanding, she was finicky, she was defiant, she was the best!

I will never forget you sweet Boots. You were so special and extraordinary. It’s just like you to leave this world on Leap Year Day. We love you & miss you. Ginger, Rooney, Rocky & Quinn miss your crazy meows and your ears….rest in peace, angel.