In Memory of Boosie

Boosie lived at our home for 7 years. He was 14 when we had to put him to sleep. Chronic kidney disease that we manage for quite awhile became Acute Kidney disease, Acute pancreatitis and an enlarged heart.

Boosie met me when I was looking for a new cat at the Cat Clinic of Roswell. I was filling out adoption papers and he was walking on the bags of cat food on the shelves in the waiting area. I helped him down and he sat in the chair next to me and helped me fill out the forms. He was charming, a bit shy, and he picked me to be the one to take him to his new and last home. He was the best cat I have ever had. The first one to give me nose touches, the only one that seemed to understand what you were saying- he seemed to carry on a conversation, he was smart. He had great balance, could jump on the bed without you knowing, could jump on a rocking chair and make it stop rocking. He let me look out the window with him to watch what he was watching. He enjoyed spending time with us outside.

Boosie helped patrol the house. He had to walk around the house every morning and couple of times during the day to check out everything. When we came home from work he would greet us and run out the door and would be waiting for us on the deck at the kitchen door.

Boosie came home with me along with Tabby, an old girl. Although he and Tabby were not the best of friends he cared about her and would show concern if she seemed to not feel well. He was sad when Tabby had to be put to sleep. He followed me everywhere. I had to get him another housemate. That is when the 3-legged Charlotte came into the picture and changed everything for Boosie. These 2 were friends, he blossomed with her in the house. The first day she hissed and growled at him, the second day they touched noses and all was well. Boosie became more secure and less shy with Charlotte around. They eventually would eat side by side or Charlotte would nudge him away from the food. They would play together.

Boosie loved to sit in a chair at the dining room window to look out into the yard. Every morning we would move the dining chair by the window and raise the blinds so
that he could look out while we were at work or on a trip.
Every morning, Boosie would sit in my lap while I ate breakfast. That was our quality time.

Boosie was the best cat ever at the vet. He would lay still and allow them to do the poking and prodding that was necessary without squirming or screaming. One the way home he would rest his head against the fingers that I poked into the front door of the carrier. He would be quite and calm knowing that he was going home.

Boosie had been in and out of a couple of homes and abandoned by his last owner. I promised Boosie that I would never abandon him. I would always come back to get him. That is why it was important to bring Boosie home from the ER to euthanize him.

Everything worked out so that we could do that. The windows were open so that he could hear the birds, squirrels and all of the sounds of the outdoors during the day.
A few hours before he was euthanized, my husband urged him to go out on the deck. He went and proceeded out into the garden. He then proceeded to make his rounds around the house. He stopped at the garage where I picked him up and carried him the rest of the way. He was purring. Boosie was put to sleep in my lap, in the chair he would sit/lay in by the dining room window looking out into the garden. We saw a chipmunk scamper through the garden and then he was asleep.

Jerry and I miss Boo so very much. He was our best friend.

Beth and Jerry Bell and Charlotte