In Memory of Blondie

The great Blondie lived
For a full 18 years,
That had to end
With so many tears.

The Great Blondie
Was happy and sad,
We always loved her
Through good time and bad.

From attacking the huskies
To scratching her back on a chair,
She always preferred excitement
Any time any where.

We cry and cry
We feel so sad,
We know she had to die,
But we remember the good times we had.

She had the best life she ever could
She was a dog through and through,
Although we wanted her to stay with us,
She was going to a better place we knew.

—Parker Hoekstra

We were lucky to adopt Blondie in July of 1996. Gilbert was so lonely while we were gone, we decided to find him a companion. She came into the house and immediately was in charge. Gilbert was so happy to have someone to play with, he didn’t care that she took over. She was barely over 5 pounds and had no teeth, but she didn’t seem to realize it.

We affectionately called her the “Toothless Wonder”. Even after attacking 2 fifty pound huskies (and losing) she still thought she was a big dog! She would talk to you, especially if she wanted water. She scratched her back by walking back and forth under the bar of the kitchen chair!

She loved to give puppy kisses and ride in the car. She went everywhere with us. It wasn’t vacation in Wisconsin without Gilbert and Blondie.

She was a wonderful girl and will surely be missed.