In Memory of BJ

BJ was a very special girl who brought so much happiness to all who loved her. She went through many phases during her 15 years. It is important to remember her better years when she was happiest, but also important not to forget her later days, where she was equally loved. The last two years of her life were difficult, especially right after her surgery and during her chemo in 2007.

The last 3 months of her life were the most difficult, right up until her death on June 10, 2009. The ocular lymphoma destroyed her right eye in 2007, but the one-eyed BJ was not any less loved. Those who cared for her loved and treasured all of the time spent with her, but overall everyone seems to remember the sassy, bi***y BJ. She showed that nobody was the boss of her.

In 2007 for example when she first developed a tumor in her right eye, she caused a scene at the 24-hour Cobb animal hospital in Marietta. The longer she was away from people she knew and loved, the more combative € she became. In fact, frequently doctors were warned that they needed to do whatever they planned to do as soon as possible, or else they would suffer the consequences.

While at the Cobb Animal Hospital, the staff became afraid of her after she successfully bit two doctors. Also important to note was her extreme dislike of Ashley. Once BJ was on the couch and Ashley was on the floor bothering her. BJ took this opportunity to smack her right in the face with her paw, and Ashley yelled, OUCH!

The pictures below follow her life from her kittenhood, to midlife, to her later years after her surgery and chemo. The last picture was taken about 2 months before her death. BJ has been missed greatly since her death on June 10, and she will continue to be missed. Pets become such a large part of our daily lives that we begin to love them like family. She was certainly like family to me. One important step in the healing process is the ability to look at pictures and be happy and not sad. Happiness is spread as these pictures are shared. She was a very special girl, and will always be.