In Memory of Billy

Billy Hunter Huff: AKA “William”, AKA “William B”, AKA “William B. Hunter”, AKA “Christmas Hound”, AKA “Thanksgiving Hound”, AKA “Baby Hound”, AKA “Bill”, AKA “Billy”, AKA “My Bill Hound”, AKA “My Bill Boy”, AKA “Wild Bill”, AKA “Wild Irish Hound” (since he is wild, tri-colored with red fur and freckles), … “My honoree hound”, “My Boy”, “My Hound”, “Sir William”, “My Little Buddy”, “My sweet boy”, and lastly “my Good Lookin Hound”. I called Billy different names to best fit his diverse personality.

If God would have sat down with me back in 1991 and said to me, “I have a very special opportunity for you. I want to trust with one of my sweetest creations. He will be born around Thanksgiving so he will always get the first piece of turkey and you and your family will get him on Christmas. He will be the family dog but when the family gets busy he will have to move with you. He will bond with you almost instantly. You will love him and worry about him every day and cherish every moment you spend with him. He will know that the entire family loves him and is proud of him. You will always know that you need to hurry home because he is waiting patiently on you. If you are gone to long, he will run around excited that you have safely returned, and then he will lovingly bite at your ankles since he is frustrated that you took so long. He will have a deep voice when he barks.

He will have the largest ears and keenest nose. His paws will turn out and almost back words. He will at times remind you of a bear and walrus mix. He will never let you down (not once), he will love you eternally. He will brighten everyone’s life that comes in contact with him. He will love children, the smaller the better. Almost anyone who sees him will stop and make sure they pet him and get to know him. He will walk with you and worry about you. He will be afraid of thunderstorms, you will have to lock him in the closet or bathroom and turn up the lights and radio until the storm passes.

He will have a strong personality; he will never allow you to teach him a trick because he will only do it his way. He will answer to the dinner bell, but only because you rang it, as his keen nose smelled dinner. He will amaze his doctors. He will walk with dignity even with a heart problem. He will never really experience pain. Just about 16 years from now, Saturday November 10th 2007 at 12:35 pm. I will return, because Billy’s heart is too large, literally and spiritually. When I take Billy, he will know that his family, close friends and doctors are praying for him and by his side. He will then know, even more clearly, how cherished, deeply loved, and special that he is.

I will allow you to hand him back to me during a prayer. We will both touch him at the same time, and you will trust me to take him back. You will feel my spirit taking him back. Billy will hear your tearful words while he’s returning to me well done my friend well done! He will run fast and proud with your adoration and appreciation charging his spirit.

All his trials will instantly end and he will play safe where nothing can ever harm him. Then, Billy will feel my love for him that is far greater than yours, for I created him. When he finally stops running he will hear my words saying Well done my good and faithful little friend. I will let his spirit be near you as well as mine until we all meet again on a beautiful day in the future.”

Back in 1991, I would have said, Give me my Bill Hound dear Lord! — I will gladly take that deal!

I am so thankful for Billy and all that he taught me. He brightened my life and will always make me proud of him. I am eternally thankful for the Lord giving us both the opportunity that I just mentioned, for so it was. I will think of Billy everyday and ask God to keep him near me. Billy is a champion and he lives today. But I bet somebody is getting chased in the spirit world and wondering where did this WILD Irish Basset Hound come from? How come nobody taught him a thing? He sure does it his own way. Git um boy:-)

I love you Billy,
—your papi —