In Memory of Big Mama

This tribute was written by our 6-year-old daughter, Kitty. I typed it in exactly as she wrote it.

Big Mama

Big Mama is a sweet old dog. She was an orphan when she found my mom. Big Mama found my mom at just the right time. She found my mom when she needed a friend and when my mom needed a friend. Some of Big Mama’s favorite things do to were open Christmas presents, go for walks, play in lakes and streams. Her best friend was Chunk. An orangeish brownish dog with orangeish yellowish highlights. She liked to chase squirrels and rabbits. She was great with children. She loved to ride in the car. She liked to be scratched behind the ear and on the belly. She liked to give out free kisses. She barked at strangers and protected us. Most of all she loved our family and always wanted to please us.

1. Breed: Border Collie – Chow Chow mix
2. Best Friend: Mom, Chunk

Have fun in Heaven Big Mama.

By: Kitty. I love dogs and pups.