In Memory of Betty

A Mostly Mutts volunteer informed me about a Bulldog at a local animal control that was the cutest thing she had ever seen (we use that phrase a lot). She said that this Bulldog put its paw outside it’s kennel to get her attention. Being a Bulldog lover, I agreed to bring her into the Mostly Mutts program.
When I first saw her, I fell in love. Not so much with her looks but with her adorable, loving personality. She was very tiny for a Bulldog, had bilateral “cherry eyes”, hips that looked like she had ridden a horse all her life and terrible skin due to allergies and mange. We instantly called her Betty (after Ugly Betty…but we didn’t tell her that). Every volunteer who met her fell in love with this playful 2 year old dog but it was soon that we discovered that she was a congenital mess. We did surgically repair her cherry eyes (one had to be done twice) and had her spayed but it was a condition called ‘megasophagus’ that was most concerning. This is a weakness in the esophagus which causes dogs to vomit their food which can lead to severe pneumonia and then death. Her life expectancy was going to be short, but we didn’t know how short. She went to live with the Turley family, one of our ‘special needs’ foster homes. Tammy Turley, her husband Tim and her three children helped care for Betty, which was not an easy task. She had to be fed four times a day, standing up (for gravity to help get the food down) and her other issues had to be dealt with. The Turleys made her a special box for her to eat her meals and after experimenting with many different types of food, Tammy finally had her stabilized with a Goats Milk and supplement diet. This was expensive but she was starting to keep things down. Sadly, something happened to Betty’s digestive system and she declined in a matter of hours. The vet who had treated Betty, Dr. Danielle Jordan, went to Tammy’s home on an emergency basis to lay her to rest. We are all saddened by Betty’s quick departure as we miss her hugs and kisses. Thank you to Dream Land for taking care of her body as we take care of her soul. WE LOVE YOU GUYS for caring so much for our rescue dogs.