In Memory of Becky

A fellow cyclist has written a tribute to Becky to appear in the SBL’s “FreeWheelin” newsletter. I don’t know how to put into words what I have lost in my Becky so I will use part of what she wrote:

One of the SBL’s most beloved riders has gone to that great bike path in the sky. Becky Sharp logged more miles than many of the club’s members, and she never once complained about a ride—not about steep hills, he’dwinds, bad ride leaders or even shake and bake pavement. She was always excited to see everyone who showed up for a SBL ride, and she was just happy to be along for the ride. Sometimes she would put her paws on Ellen’s shoulders to see what was coming up ahead or maybe it was to give her a push up a hill. Mostly she just traveled along serenely enjoying the ride. Becky brought smiles to all she met, the motorists, pedestrians and other cyclists along the way. For those of you who did not have the pleasure of being on a ride with Becky, she was one of a kind.

She was my 11-year-old rat terrier who was my constant companion. She loved her family, especially the grand kids. She loved the rides we did to the park where we would park the bike and go for a walk in the woods to chase squirrels. She expected each afternoon for us to spend time on the sofa, she lying beside me while I read the mail. We had many special times that I won’t forget.

Now God has taken her to the Rainbow Bridge. She is whole and well and will play with new friends. I hope her best friend Oliver has found her and Molly is there to greet her. I hold on to the promise of Heaven and that we’ll cross the Rainbow Bridge into Heaven reunited once more. Until then, Becky has a very special place in my heart.