In Memory of Beau Ryan

Beau Ryan was born on December 25, 1995 and died on April 22, 2007. He was the second born to the litter and he always marched to a different drummer, so to speak. He wasn’t like any other traditional dog.

We know he was part Malamute and part traveling salesman. Never did see the culprit. He has lived in every house we have lived in and that has been several. When he was a large pup, we were moving to Albany, Ga. from Acworth, Ga. and he decided to jump out of the U-Haul truck window. No, he didn’t fall, he jumped. To top it off, we were on a freeway. He landed on the shoulder and just shook his head. Not a scratch on him. It didn’t knock any sense into him, either.

He grew up with his Momma dog and since she was the alpha, she never let him do anything. He never learned to play ball or chase sticks but he loved the neighborhood kids when they came to play. He was over 100 lbs. full grown but he thought he was just a little guy.

He will always be special in our hearts and we miss him. We still look for him at the fence at the top of our driveway when we come home. Forever diligent. We plan, someday, to meet him at the foot of the Rainbow Bridge.