In Memory of Basie Gurley

November 1993 – April 2008

On Sunday evening, April 20, 2008 our son Basie went to heaven to beg Jesus for cookies. Mom & Dad will miss you, but we know you will be well taken care of where you are.

I heard the motorcycle, but I know you didn’t, so we ran out the front door to you. We touched you as you took your last breath, but you knew Mom and Dad were there with you.

We will forever keep you in our hearts for we love you dearly. You were the most precious Rottie and everyone who knew you knew that too. All of your many aunts and uncles will ask about you and we will tell them you wanted the freshest cookies there were, so you went where you knew they were.

Mom and Dad say thank you for the awesome unconditional love you gave us for over 15 years. We will keep your pictures and share stories about you until we see you again. We will let folks know that you would be barking if they walked passed by your property without you permission.

Basie we know that God loves and needs you too. So for now we will say see you later and we’ll be sure to bring some cookies.

We Love you forever,
Mom & Dad