In Memory of Bailey Jane

In 1999, we adopted a rat terrier that changed our lives forever. Bailey hadn’t been a family member before but after a little time and a lot of love and patience, she blossomed before our eyes. I’d never given a dog a middle name, or multiple nicknames, but she was in a league of her own. Her middle name, Jane, was after my precious mother who has left this earth as well. Her primary nickname was Princess Pea. She was also the Great White Huntress because as a younger girl, she’d sit in the yard for hours stalking every critter, including fencing possums. She was also the Polyester Wash-N-Wear Girl because as high maintenance as she could be, she was just as easy going. As she got older, it was also Shedder/Biter/Licker because her arthritis hurt her and she’d nip. She’d always shed and licked. Her carrot dance was famous among family and friends. The girl could eat baby carrots by the pound if you’d let her. She would spin outrageously in circles until she got a few from you. And stubborn; Lord, the girl wasn’t going to do anything she didn’t want to. But we didn’t care because we respected her independence. She had a fan club that mourns with us. She was adored by so many; including our delivery people because she trained them to bring a cookie with every package. We thank our family and friends for helping us give her such a great life. B & L, she adored her boat rides. She was a great older Sissy to Sadie. We are thankful for twelve incredible years with our girl. It simply wasn’t long enough. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge in my arms without pain or fear. Princess, we will miss and love you until we’re reunited. Mommy, Daddy, & Sadie 8/16/97-3/4/2011