In Memory of Baby


Even though your body has gone away,
Your heart and spirit will always be in my heart to stay,
I knew your time was coming near, but
Now I know that you have nothing more to fear.
You are cherished in my heart each and every day.
For God has blessed you with a better place to lay.
I felt bad for not being there when your time came,
And now, around the house, things just aren’t the same.
But I truly believe that you are happier now
That on the inside you aren’t thinking just “”ow””
I am very grateful that God blessed me with a cat like you
And now from this day forward when I look up at the night
sky, the stars go blue, ’cause you knew I was thinking of you!!!!!!!

I will always love you, and know
that you are here each and
every day, even though I can’t
physically see you, I know
you are there. 🙂

WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!