In Memory of Baby Michiels

July 1988 – December 2004
Sweet little blonde Shih-Tzu
Weighed: 11 Pounds

On Oct. 3, 1988 Baby was given to us by a good friend for a birthday present. She was just the cutest little apricot & white furry puff ball. When she was 1 year old she went through obedience school. She graduated magna cum laude. She was the cutest dog there. One time, she arrived for school after she was groomed with 2 little bows in her hair. Everyone just giggled over the way she flaunted herself. She knew she was cute. When she was 4 we took her hiking up Kennesaw Mountain and we got way up and she decided she didn’t want to hike anymore so we had to carry her the rest of the way up and all the way down. Yes, she was spoiled and loved it. Once when she was still a puppy, we were getting ready for work and the children for school when she darted out the door. Here we were, 3 ladies in different stages of dress chasing her around the yard to try to catch her. We were a sight for the neighborhood. We have laughed over that for many years. In 2002, Baby’s kidneys started to shut down. For 2 years she had fluid treatments every week. In Dec. 2004 she got to the point she couldn’t stand up we had to make that hard decision. We wrapped her in her favorite robe and took her to the Vet. We held her, kissed her and told her we loved her and she was gone. Baby was buried in a white casket/vault in the back yard of a family member. She will always have a special place in our hearts until we will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.