In Memory of Ariel


In March 1997, I was living in Norman, OK. It was a beautiful spring day and I had my windows and door open. That evening I shut up and house and went to my bedroom only to find this cat sleeping on my bed. It seems this cat had adopted me. I was allowed to have pets in my apartment so I tried to find her a home, but in the week that I had her she stole my heart. So for the next year and a half, I hid her from the property managers.

I spend the first two weeks trying on different names, but Ariel finally stuck. As anyone who ever met her knew, she was the most friendly or affectionate cat but she loved me! For some many years it was just the two of us that she didn’t take well to change. She was perfectly content to be the only one sleeping next to me on the bed (with her head resting in my hand).

She loved catnip and hated cat treated. She loved to go outside but was prone to wander. Her last venture outdoors (in my fenced in back yard) ended up with her missing. I found her on the roof. This was only a few months before she passed.

Ariel was my companion for many years. We moved from Norman, OK to Toronto to Knoxville, TN to Athens, GA back to TN and back to Georgia. She was my constant – through all the ups and downs of my adulthood. She was there (figuratively) when I got married and had my daughter. And as much as she wasn’t a people person, she was quite tolerant of my daughter through the infant and toddler years.

I am very proud to have been her mom. And proud that she choose me. I will forever miss her. One thing I always said to her was “Are you my girl?” and she’d meow. Well, she’ll always be my girl.