In Memory of Annabelle “Cheeks”

My precious little “Cheeks” I loved you a first sight. We had such a short time together, but I will continue to love you. I remember daddy picking you up in Charlotte and I couldn’t wait for y’all to get home. Once you finally arrived I couldn’t believe how beautiful and soft you were. You had such personality, you loved to steal stuffed animals and soap. You had such a huge impact on on family and I will forever be grateful. I will miss those gushy cheeks and soft belly. Every-time I make the bed I think of you rolling on it and kicking off the pillows, but for some reason it was okay for you to do it. The ride to school in the mornings wont’ be the same without you hopping like a kangaroo over the seats and making us laugh. We love you baby girl and we will miss you Bella Bella.