In Memory of Ally Robinson

Tomorrow will be a week since I lost my baby Ally. She came to us as a small ball of white fur 15 years ago. I thought she would last forever but unfortunately, you have to say good by. She was loved so much and was my shadow 24/7. She love to take a ride it didn’t matter where she went as long as she was riding with daddy! Ally loved everyone especially Ms. LULU, Rudy & Shadow our other cats and dog. Lulu is having a hard time not having something to snuggle up to because Ally was so much bigger than her. I still think at night I hear her coming up the stairs to go to bed and then I remember she won’t sleep beside me anymore. Our hearts are broken but I have my memories and those are some of the best moments of our lives. We love you my Miss Ally and will always have you in our hearts and soul.