In Memory of Aggie

Aggie came to us at a low point in our lives – job loss, illness and surgery. We picked her out of her litter when she was 3 weeks old. She was the only girl – a precious white bulldog with a small brown spot between her ears. She looked like she had a princess crown. We had to wait until she was 6 weeks old to come home with us. We named her Agda Ingrid after the Swedish princess and nicknamed her Aggie.

From the beginning she was feisty and full of positive energy. At one year old she would get bored and fling her food bowl across the room barking with joy as she chased after it. We decided she needed a playmate so we adopted one of her cousins to keep her company while mommy and daddy were at work. Aggie was a great little “mother” to her cousin Maggie. She taught Maggie to be housetrained within two weeks.

Aggie was the ultimate food lover! She would help mommy cook – waiting patiently until something dropped to the floor to quickly clean it up. One Christmas there was a leftover roast beef in the refrigerator. As mommy was putting more food in the fridge she discovered the roast on the bottom shelf and tried to pull it out. We took a picture of her trying to get to it. Bringing in the groceries was always a challenge since she would steal bananas and carrots from any bags that were within her reach.

Aggie loved travel and adventure! Whether it was a trip to Kennesaw park, the north Georgia mountains or the Florida beaches she was eager to explore! Her enthusiasm for life was contagious. We could never be down with Aggie around.

Her favorite game was the bone game. She would bring her bone in her teeth to daddy (especially when he was drying the dishes). He would reach down and try to take the bone from her and she would shake her head, growl and run away. Then she would come back to tease him again.

If we got sick, “nurse” Aggie would lie down beside us, lick our faces and cuddle up with us to help us feel better. She was also the most tolerant and gentle of animals with children and other animals. She would allow children to chase her and play with her but always knew to give them the extra gentle care that they needed. When we brought Ginger the kitty home she allowed Ginger to jump all over her.

Tennis balls from daddy’s tennis bag were a coveted treasure. She would take them out of the tennis bag and there was no letting go.

Aggie was also very girly. She would sit with mommy in the mornings to put on make-up. Mommy would take a make-up brush and pretend to apply Aggie’s make-up and then hold a mirror up so she could admire her beauty.

Even to her last morning with us when her cancer was destroying her body she was loving and positive. She licked away all of our tears as we said goodbye. When Dr. Averill and Jimmy arrived to ease her from this life she wagged her tail and smiled her Aggie smile.

Aggie brought us unlimited love and joy. We know she is in a place where there is no pain or suffering. We look forward to seeing her again to cross Rainbow Bridge together.

We miss you and you will remain forever in our hearts! Love from Anders, Janice, Maggie the dog and Ginger the cat